This book will enable you to ...

learn how value is created and become great at creating it

Learn how value is created and how to impact the amount of value you create in your life

create great relationships which work for your life

Relationships are a necessity to create value. Learn why and how to ensure relationships work for you and for others.

understand the relationship between money, value and wealth

What you need to know to have power in your relationship to money, wealth and value

know what business is really about and what makes a business successful

A business is a value creating entity. Once you understand how this works a new world will open up for you

become masterful at trading value

You are trading value every moment of everyday. Learn to become more conscious of the trades you are making.

understand what wealth is and how people become wealthy

What is wealth to you and what would you have to do to become wealthy?

About Terence Sweeney

… in business

Terence has extensive hands on experience in business. From starting up his first business at age 21, he has been involved in numerous business projects both in the private sector and in corporate. Terence now consults to business in the areas of strategy and culture, and is an associate member of Professional Speakers Australia.

… in life

Terence has been exploring how people work for his whole life. He has led seminars to groups of up to up to 200 people and has over 10 years experience in coaching people who are interested in high performance & fulfillment. Terence is also a APSI Level 1 Ski-Instructor, a PADI Scuba Dive-Master and when at home can often be found ‘dancing like a dad’ with one of his four children.

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Celia Taylor - Transition Specialist

Celia Taylor - Transition Specialist

"Terence Sweeney has given much thought to the ideas of wealth, money and value, and has tied all of them together in a book that explains simply and powerfully how they work, and don’t work, together"

James McCracken - Host of "Journey of the Successful Advisor"

"This book challenges you to become more aware of the value you create so you can expand the opportunity to capture and create more value for everyone. The book is authentic and original while delivering an insightful and relevant message."

James McCracken - Host of
Emily Gowor - Founder of

Emily Gowor - Founder of "Gowor International Publishing"

"Terence is committed to facilitating powerful conversations in the world that open up new possibilities for people - this book is a reflection of exactly this."

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